Offering a sweepstakes for your current Facebook audience is a fantastic way to keep them engaged and interested in your brand. However, our goal isn't to simply keep your current audience happy, but to help grow your audience! That's why our sweepstakes includes share tool incentives, so that your audience will help promote your sweepstakes for you.


Why do you want your audience to promote your sweepstakes?


Without knowing your business, we are quite confident that you're always looking to expand your audience and potential customers or clients. That's why the viral marketing component of a Fans With Benefits sweepstakes is so important. After someone enters your sweepstakes, they will be prompted (but not required) to promote your sweepstakes on their Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, LinkedIn status, or email to friends. That's potentially a lot of people seeing your Facebook Page and sweepstakes! And don't forget, users are required to Like your page before they enter.


Why would your audience want to promote your sweepstakes?


That's where the share tool incentives come into play. Each time someone shares your sweepstakes on their social media pages, they will earn an additional entry for that day into your sweepstakes. Additionally, each time one of his/her contacts uses that unique link to enter, that person earns yet another entry. That could potentially end up being a lot of extra entries in a day, which is great for both that person and your business!


Fans with Benefits was the perfect fit for our "100,000 User Made in America Sweepstakes". Not only were we able to automatically trigger the actual promotion when our Facebook fanbase hit 100k, but up until then we generated thousands of pre-entries that we were able to provide up-to-the-minute details to about the concert in Philly. We generated tons of buzz throughout all our social platforms with the built in share incentive tools for both the show and our local news brand. Wildly successful campaign for us because of the flexibility of these tools.

- Drew, Director of Digital Media for NBC Universal

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