Popular questions and answers about Fans Wtih Benefits Facebook sweepstakes application

How do we get started?

It's really simple! Once your account is established, you’ll upload your background image, type in your name and description of your give-away, select the information you want to collect from participants (and add a communication opt-in if you’d like), and type in the default share messaging. Preview the Facebook tabs on the same screen, make any adjustments that you need to and make the sweepstakes live! From your Facebook page, you can change the name of your tab and begin promoting! Once your current followers start entering, they’ll be promoting the sweepstakes and establishing your audience. For maximum exposure, the sweepstakes also has the ability to default as your Facebook landing page, making it the first thing all visitors see when they click on your page.

What's the point?

Glad you asked! There are many benefits to using Fans With Benefits on your Facebook page.

For your current followers, it engages them and keeps your name in their faces (repetition is key in marketing), increases the potential of them seeing other messaging on your page during the sweepstakes, and potentially rewards them for their loyalty.

It also helps multiply your audience. The potential of winning may seem enticing, but they can’t enter the drawing until they “Like” your Facebook page. Once they do, they’ll be prompted to share the sweepstakes to earn additional entries. They tell their friends, who then tell their friends, who then tell… well, see where this is going? That’s what viral marketing is all about! The bigger the give-away, the better success you’ll see.

What should I do to really be successful?

Every business is different and might have a different strategy, but here are some tips that you may want to consider to make your campaign truly successful.

  • Your graphic – Make it enticing! Attractive imagery and an accurate description may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked. Going that extra mile to create a truly valuable campaign is what will set you apart from those who do the bare minimum. Consider changing your Facebook page’s default image to display your sweepstakes as well.
  • Facebook event – Facebook events can help duplicate your efforts in reminding fans to enter. When people accept their invitation to the virtual event, it will show up on their Facebook walls before they even submit their first entry. Additionally, you can send daily message reminders to register, even for those that haven't RSVPed to the event.
  • Your website – If your website is built with a content management system (CMS), add a message on your website about the giveaway. Add it to your rotating banner, develop a light box - bring attention to your sweepstakes any way possible!
  • Advertisements – Consider running a pay-per-click campaign, either on major search engines or on Facebook, that direct people to the sweepstakes tab on your page.
  • Emails – Do you email your current or potential customers? Either promote your Facebook sweepstakes in your next email, or send one out specifically for this!
  • Use relationships to your advantage – If you have a close business relationship with others in your related field, or maybe you just know someone that happens to be "internet famous" – use that connection! Ask them if they will promote your sweepstakes on their social media pages to get their fans interested as well. Providing one of your prizes through a well-known local or even national business also affords you the opportunity to tag that business in your sweepstakes posts, increasing viewership exponentially.


"Working with Kevin Homer, we had a tremendously successful sweepstakes program with "Fans with Benefits". After a slow start with getting "likes" on our Facebook page we added over 2,000 fans and had 2,600 sweepstakes entries. Since then the 2,000 new fans have helped spread the word to their many friends and family and we continue to see the increased results of the program. Planning my next sweepstakes right now! Thanks again."

- Marc DiGiovanni, Director of Development at J.B. Dawson's Restaurant & Bar

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