The Background


Communication and media are always advancing, forcing older mediums to adapt and evolve. In the 1920s, radios forced the newspaper industry to revamp its format and content to remain relevant and appealing. When televisions became popular many years later, it forced radios to find its new niche, and that’s when newspapers began printing in color.


Today, the Internet is changing the game immensely. A few years ago, everyone knew that their business required a website, but they were typically stagnant online brochures that businesses didn’t know how to fully utilize. Now businesses are establishing a social media presence, but again, aren’t necessarily sure how to use it so that they're really adding value for their audiences, or how to go about establishing or growing it. Social media isn’t going anywhere, although the way it’s used in the business world continues to evolve. So it’s vital to find that “value added” incentive to follow and be social with your brand.


Do you find yourself asking: "Why would someone want to follow MY company on Facebook?"


The Product


Fans with Benefits not only helps to grow your Facebook audience, but it adds value to your current followers as well.  Promoting your business is important, of course - but a brand’s Facebook page needs to be more than just a promotional platform. Every page on the web needs an edge to keep people coming back to it. Traffic on the web can be similar to traffic on the road—people want to get somewhere of value. So what value are you providing to your audience to keep them coming back, or giving your potential audience to visit in the first place?


By being fun and social, you will acquire followers. Sweepstakes giveaways are a great way to engage current users and grow your audience. Our product allows you to easily promote your giveaway, encourage the sharing of your sweepstakes by entrants, and entice new fans to follow your brand.


Fans With Benefits is a product of Grow My Audience, a digital media product development agency offering a suite of self-managing online products with the same common goal: to enhance your online presence by growing your audience. Online marketing is a game of impressions, and the messages that some of the most prominent companies deliver can be useless if there is nobody receiving, therefore, appreciating it.


The Team


Grow My Audience - Digital media and social media products that grows online audiencesNavitas Marketing and Global Media Solutions, the partner firms that founded and operate Grow My Audience, have brought a combined 70 years of experience. The two companies have sustained a 15-year partnership of producing cutting edge website design, application development, digital media solutions, and online marketing strategies.  As a joint effort, Grow My Audience develops a suite of products geared towards increasing your online traffic and giving you total control of your company’s online wealth. 


Fans with Benefits was the perfect fit for our "100,000 User Made in America Sweepstakes". Not only were we able to automatically trigger the actual promotion when our Facebook fanbase hit 100k, but up until then we generated thousands of pre-entries that we were able to provide up-to-the-minute details to about the concert in Philly. We generated tons of buzz throughout all our social platforms with the built in share incentive tools for both the show and our local news brand. Wildly successful campaign for us because of the flexibility of these tools.

- Drew, Director of Digital Media for NBC Universal

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