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Fans With Benefits is a self-managed Facebook sweepstakes application that can exponentially grow your fanbase by reaching a broader audience that was previously untapped. Enjoy the ease of setting up and managing your own sweepstakes, the convenience of a self-sustaining viral marketing approach, and a comprehensive statistics analytics dashboard that provides demographicss and user trends to integrate with other aspects of your overall marketing strategy.   Learn More >


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We're a cheap date (see pricing), but if you aren't sure if you're ready to make a commitment yet, try running a Facebook sweepstakes with Fans With Benefits for free! Once you've tested it out, upgrade to the full version for features such as unlimited daily entries, upload custom background graphics, collect additional data per sweepstakes entry, and more.   Try for Free >

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Prediction Games just launched "Testing." Sweepstakes with #FB2. Enter here!

Prediction Games just launched "Testing." Sweepstakes with #FB2. Enter here!

Prediction Games just launched "Testing." Sweepstakes with #FB2. Enter here!

Allison Lee just entered the "free Mp3" Sweepstakes on the MP3 Songs Facebook page. Enter here!



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"FANS WITH BENEFITS makes executing our sweepstakes & contests over Facebook and Twitter faster, easier, and more effective. The viral effect that the app produces for each campaign is excellent... allowing you to "fish where the fish are" once your audience is engaged and starts to spread it to others in their social circles. A must for our sweepstakes."


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If you need a custom #sweepstakes, #contest, or #voting platform we can custom program a version of #fb2 for you too! #programmers #facebook

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